About HRM-Korea

Human Rights Monitor-Korea (HRM-Korea) is an online information portal managed by Korea Human Rights Foundation.

The purpose of HRM-Korea is to inform the international human rights community of the human rights situation in South Korea by providing updated news feeds in English focusing on pressing human rights issues related to South Korea.

HRM Cohort 3 (Spring 2011-Present)

Editor-in-Chief: Anselmo Lee Ÿ(anselmolee@humanrightskorea.org)

Co-Editors: Soo Yon Suh

HRM Coordinator: Soo Yon Suh (sooyonsuh@humanrightskorea.org)

Intern Reporters: 

Dustin Cole (dustincole@humanrightskorea.org)

Inwan Cho (inwancho@humanrightskorea.org)

Minwoo Kim (minwookim@humanrightskorea.org)

 Lauriane Chakowski

HRM Cohort 2 (Winter 2010-Spring 2011)

Editor-in-Chief: Anselmo Lee Ÿ

Co-Editors: Yeseul Christeena Song, Soo Yon Suh

HRM Coordinator: Soo Yon Suh

Intern Reporters:

Minhee Park

Moonhee Kim

Sang Min Lee

Yeseul Christeena Song

Yuri Yi

HRM Cohort 1 (Summer 2010 – Winter 2010)

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Anselmo Lee, Joseph Hart

HRM Coordinator: Yoonji Park

Intern Reporters:

In Wan Cho Ÿ

Hyoyeol Chong Ÿ

Mirae Kang

Hyun Kyu Kim Ÿ

Myungsun Kim Ÿ

Myungjin Lee Ÿ

Ji-su Park

Design and Layout: Myungsun Kim

This publication is NOT for sale. It is distributed to our members and partners only. Contents of this publication may be freely quoted or reproduced, provided acknowledgement is made.

The views expressed in this publication may not necessarily reflect the position of Korea Human Rights Foundatoin.

Articles thus far posted in the blog have been taken from the preliminary Human Rights Monitor Newsletter, written by interns at the Korea Human Rights Foundation.

Comments and contributions are welcome.


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