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News Brief March 8-10, 2011

News Brief

March 8, 2011

You’re fat…so here’s the pink slip”

An employee of an electric parts manufacturing company named “S” was threatened with the pink slip if she was not to lose weight.

According to a petition submitted to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, it was reported that employees were ordered to go on a diet and if the goal was not met they would be fired.
On March 7, 2011 after review and investigation, NHRCK has recommended the company to compensate employees, told to go on a diet, each 5,000,000 KRW (approx. 4,500 USD).


March 10, 2011

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Discrimination increase 25% in 8 years

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea reported on March 8th that within 8 years sexual abuse and sexual discrimination for women increased 25%.

Based on past records in 2006 NHRCK received 107 cases reporting sexual abuse. By 2010, that rose to over 212 cases. In the aspect of sexual discrimination there was a reported 37 cases; by 2010 it was found that there were 124 reported cases.

In an opinion released commemorating International Women’s Day by NHRCK stated that because sexual discrimination and abuse appears indirectly and amongst other discrimination, it is difficult to identify and go unreported. It was also added that although laws against sexual abuse and discrimination has firmed and stabilized, reduction in cases still has a long way to go.



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