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News Brief January 29-31,2011

News Brief                                                                                   January 29, 2011

Conscript Police Officer Commits Suicide 

A 21-year-old conscript police officer serving his mandatory military service in Incheon was found hanging from a tree in a public parking lot near his house. The victim was currently on leave and was required to report to his unit by 6 p.m. that day. He is believed to have committed suicide instead of facing further harassment and abuse by his senior officers. An anonymous police officer explained that junior officers are abused by their seniors and “once victims, they mostly become assaulters later—it’s a vicious cycle in which they are trapped.”

Police Officer Confesses to Murdering His Mother for Insurance Money 

Officer Lee claims that he accidentally murdered his mother in a blotched insurance fraud scheme. Lee’s mother took three sleeping pills sometime around 9 p.m. Lee then broke into his mother’s house later that night wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a bowling ball. Lee repeatedly dropped the bowling ball on his sleeping mother’s spine, tied his mother with tape, and vandalized the apartment to fake a robbery. Lee claimed that he only meant to injure his mother’s back so that she could collect spinal injury insurance money to pay off her 2 million KRW debt.

January 30, 2011

Child Victims of Sex Crimes to Receive Free Legal Support 

The Ministry of Justice is to submit a bill to the National Assembly to provide victims of sexual crimes under 13 years old with free legal support, including a government-appointed lawyer, available from the initial investigation. This bill is in line with new regulations on strengthening the protective system for child victims of sex crimes. All expenses will be met by the Protection Fund for Criminal Victims and the government plans to eventually expand the coverage to all victims under 19 years old.

100,000th Naturalized Citizen Hopes for a More Open Korea  

Indian-born Alok Kumar Roy, the 100,000th naturalized Korean citizen and Korean resident for nearly three decades, stated that he became a Korean citizen in order to solve everyday inconveniences. Roy stated that, “I had to extend my contract with the school year after year without tenure, which made my job status unstable. With the alien registration, I couldn’t buy a cell phone on my own. I couldn’t do many things without a guarantor.”

January 31, 2011

Free Lunches Go Green 

The Superintendent of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and leaders of Seoul Metropolitan Council visited the Eco-friendly Distribution Center in Seoul and examined vegetables and meat for free school lunches. The Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) plans to serve free lunches to about 320 thousand elementary school students, grades 1-3 in March, despite the Seoul Metropolitan government’s strong objections.

NHRCK to Investigate Abuse in the Barracks 

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) plans to conduct its own investigation into three reported cases of abuse in riot police squads that have led to criminal punishment. The NHRC said it will probe regional police agencies in South Chuncheong and Gangwon provinces, and the western port city of Incheon, to look into allegations of physical and emotional abuses by senior officers.

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