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News Brief – January 10-14, 2011

News Brief                                                                                                                                  January 10-14, 2011
NHRCK Recommends Human Rights Training to Officer that Threaten Citizen

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea answered a petition and recommended Human Rights training for a police officer in Ulsan, South Korea. The police officer was charged with human rights infringement when he verbally abused a citizen that was causing a ruckus at the station late at night.

NHRCK makes First Recommendation after Passing of Corporal Punishment Ban in Schools 

After the ban on corporal punishment in the classrooms, the first decision of human rights infringement is placed by the National Human Rights Commission Korea. After the recent passing of an ordinance banning corporal punishment in the classrooms by the Seoul Metropolitan office of Education, the NHRCK has made its first recommendation regarding an incident where a teacher insulted and hit a student in Daejeon, Korea.

NHRCK to install Special North Korean Human Rights Committee in efforts to improve North Korean Human Rights 

National Human Rights Commission of Korea has decided at an executive meeting to install a special North Korean Human Rights committee. The committee plans to execute the recently released North Korean Human Rights improvement road map by the commission and to work on the passing of the North Korean Human Rights law in the National Assembly.

Police officer physically and verbally abused by superiors on the job before death 

After an investigation, it was revealed true that a police officer, Park who have died on the job from Leukemia, was indeed physically and verbally abused by superiors. It was decided that 17 officers will be prosecuted for act of violence. It was reported that 30 officers other than Park have experienced the same type of violence on the job.

Members of a High School Weightlifting Team under Investigation after Allegations of Violent Hazing  

Younger students wishing to join their high school weightlifting team were beaten, humiliated, and tortured. Police investigated the older students and noted that the school failed to recognize or end the two-month long violence.

Mayor of Seoul Proposes Holding Poll on Free Meals to Solve Dispute

Oh Se-hoon (mayor of Seoul) wishes to hold a poll in order to rate the popularity of the prospect of free meals. The oppositional party claimed that free meals to all elementary, middle, and high schools do not pay heed to the city’s budget and that the city should not pay for children who can already afford meals.

FMD Spreads despite Attempts to Quell Disease  

1 .34 million livestockhave been culled since late November; however, FMD has spread to northern S. Korea. Officials estimate compensation to farmers in addition to the cost of vaccines could run past 1.3 trillion won.

Koreans Aid Destitute Asylum Seeker  

Koreans are moving to help Mohajan Kanchan, his pregnant wife, and their two children by wiring money to the family and sending food and clothing. The family has been battling extreme poverty due to their status as asylum seekers; under Korean law, asylum seekers are banned from employment and health care until their status is confirmed, a process which normally takes years.

Man Indicted after Pro-North Korean Twittering 

A 54 year old man was detained after twittering praises of North Korea. He was charged with breaching the National Security Law by posting 63 pro-North Korean messages and videos.
Prosecutors noted that this was the first time a social networking tool was used to
disseminate pro-North Korean ideas.

North Korean Border Guard Kills 5 Refugees in China  

Five North Koreans were shot to death while inside Chinese borders by North Korean border guards as they attempted to flee North Korea; two other North Korean refugees were wounded and taken back to North Korea. This is the first time that North Korean border police has shot at defectors after they reached the Chinese border; experts speculate that this may be the new way in which North Korea will deal with defectors.

Defense Ministry to Give Extra Credit to Men in Military Service 

Korea’s Defense Ministry plans to implement a policy rewarding extra points to men taking tests for government jobs if they have completed their military services. Women’s rights activists are protesting the policy, stating that the new policy will only increase gender inequality and discrimination. Recent reports indicate that women in Korea make only 66% of men’s wages.

Korea’s Welfare Budget must be doubled in 20 Years to Meet Needs  

Seoul will need to spend 1.47 trillion won in 2030 in order to meet the needs of Korea’s increasingly elderly population; reports indicate that by 2030, Korea’s elderly population (65 years +) will reach 20% of the total population. Korea has one of the steepest negative population growth rates in the world, resulting in every 100 working people supporting 37.7 seniors by 2030.

American Human Rights Activists Urge Obama to Ask China to Stop Repatriating North Koreans  

The President of China, President Hu Jintao will attend dinner meetings with President Obama in mid January where human rights groups such as the American based North Korea Freedom Coalition have urged President Obama to press for China to end their current policy of repatriating North Korean refugees. The human rights organizations believe that ending repatriation of North Korean refugees will positively affect North Korean and Chinese relations.

Remarriage among the Elderly Becoming Increasingly Accepted – Women Take the Lead 

44% of Koreans surveyed stated that they were happy for the elderly to remarry; those with a higher level of education were more inclined to accept remarriage. However, divorce rates are also increasing and reports indicate that the rate of divorce is higher than the rate of remarriage among the elderly. Korea Women’s Development Institute stated that as the life span of Koreans is getting longer, the elder have developed higher standards of happiness, and that women were increasingly taking the lead.

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