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14% of the Elderly Abused at Home

Tues Jun 22

Hyun Kyu Kim

Recent research has shown that in Korea one out of seven elders is abused at home while the benefits for them are shrinking rapidly. According to research from the Korean Institute for Health and Social Affairs, 14% of the elderly were domestically abuse either verbally or physically.

The most common form of abuse documented was verbal, taking up two thirds of documented abuse while abandonment was second with 22%. The children were the most commonly responsible for the abuse, with 50% while spouses and the spouse of the children took around a quarter each. Although more than 40% of the abusers had only elementary education, college graduates also contributed to 14% of the abuse. Women were the victims 75% of the time, while people in the rural zones were more likely to abuse than their urban counterparts.

The first steps for a solution came at 2005, when the first call center for elderly abuse was established. Over a thousand calls poured in every month in which 60% of the calls sought refuge from physical and verbal abuse, while another 20% were from abandoned senior citizens.

An alarming 600 calls sought help from domestic sexual abuse while further studies showed that not only children, but also grandchildren and spouses of children were the main instigators of abuse.

According to Cookie News, the number of calls increased to 1,567 per month in 2006, 2,291 per month in 2007, and a staggering 2,760 in 2008. ■

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